About Us

RELATIONSHIP AND LOVE WORLD was created through the Mandate of God in the Discovery of Purpose on June 7, 2018.

RELATIONSHIP AND LOVE WORLD is not just created to gather people and waste their resources, time and destinies.

RELATIONSHIP AND LOVE WORLD was birthed from the will of the Father in line With the Missions listed below.


RELATIONSHIP AND LOVE WORLD is called to build an international network of ministers, generals of the Faith, Marriage Counselors, Relationship Advisor and organizations.

We assist one another in equipping Gods people:

1. To creatively reach and disciple the lost in our communities,

2. To intentionally create platform , and

3. To strategically partner with mission organizations and indigenous church leaders worldwide for the completion of the Harvest.


Purpose of relationship and love world is well focused on building of relationships and marriages,Teaching people on love, family life, fatherhood and motherhood and parenting to God’s own plan and purpose



1. To save lives

2. Build lives coach

3. Help broken relationships connect back to God

4. Heal broken marriage

5. Disengage bad relationship of some persons that will only birth Nuisance to our World

6. To teach every individual their roles and responsibilities to play in relationships and marriage

7. Help the serious ones in giving them the principles of maintaining a Godly relationship

8. To guide and lead some in finding that flesh and bone of them

9. To help to show the character and virtue needed to maintain relationships with all personality

10. To save life of some endangered Brothers and Sisters

11. To show the consequences of trying to rush into marriages

12. To help brothers and sisters intending to go into a serious godly relationship in giving out the requirements they’ll need for the journey.


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