– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Relationships don’t build themselves in life and ministry; you make conscious, concerted and deliberate efforts to build them.

If you’re not INTENTIONAL with building ministry and destiny relationships, they will go into extinction.

You see, in ministry, if you don’t SERVICE relationships, they will be SEVERED.
God will bring destiny relationships into your life, but you will have to determine the extent to which they add value to your destiny.

That God brought two people together (at whatever level) whether vertical level ministry relationship or horizontal level ministry relationship does not AUTOMATICALLY mean that it will work out.
Remember that the Holy Spirit initiated the destiny relationship between Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13:2 but in Acts 15:36-39, they got seperated because they could not “agree”.

For relationships to work, there are guidelines to follow. For instance, let me mention seven out of them:

(1) Don’t use people in ministry; serve them.
(2) Always look for what to give in the relationship; don’t be parasitic in approach. GIVE! GIVE!! And GIVE!!!
(3) Don’t impose your views on people; sometimes we shift grounds so far they don’t offend the moral sensibility of Scriptures.
(4) Don’t take people for granted. If you take people for GRANTED, you will be GROUNDED.
(5) Show love and care. A phone call or text message “AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME” is in line.
(6) Respect people’s individuality and peculiarity; don’t turn them into yourself. Always recognize THE LAW OF DIFFERENCE in people’s personality build-ups.
(7) Speak well of them and honour them before others. Whatever you say about people will either come back to bless or haunt you.

There are people who don’t follow up on people to even ask after their well-being. They have not so learnt Christ.

Don’t call people alone when you’re in need. One becomes a nuisance by such behavior.

The truth is that if a relationship is not “taking” out of your resources, whether spiritual, mental/cognitive, physical, financial, material, etc., you can then quit as well.

Why? It means it’s of no value to you. ANYTHING THAT IS OF VALUE TO YOU, YOU ALWAYS INVEST IN. That’s very straightforward!

If you don’t have time for a relationship, you had better quit now because you always have time for what you value.

Mismanagement of God-ordained Kingdom relationships has led to the collosal wastage of many people’s destinies.

Learn to SERVICE every RELATIONSHIP in your life, and sometimes you SERVICE THE LINK too.
I told one of our Pastors recently, “Sometimes it is wisdom to service the relationship and the link to the relationship as well depending on the nature of the relationship”.

The link could be a person, your gift, or a direct operation of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t manage the link well, it can impact on the relationship.

You got a job through somebody’s recomendation and you suddenly begin to abuse and talk down on the “recomender” because you feel you have guts and gravitas now.

Who told you that he doesn’t have the power to influence your removal?
Let’s tread cautiously friends. Don’t forget people in a hurry – it’s not right!!!
Relating well with people means that greater doors are opened unto you.

For instance, some ministers connected to me have called me in the past to ask, “Sir, we’re planning to invite this person for our programme. What do you know as about him Sir?”.

And I went on to say beautiful things. Behave well today because of tomorrow!!!
There are ministers that have used their own hands to shut an open door because when they invited them, they engaged in all manner of unthinkable practices that violate ministry ethics and they’re now blaming the devil.

There are relationships in ministry that transcend pulpit exchange. Even though you preach for one another but it doesn’t end there.

It’s only a dishonest and arrogant minister that says he doesn’t need anybody.
No, WE ALL NEED PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES, and as God by His Spirit begins to initiate destiny relationships in our lives, let’s always seek for what to GIVE and not what to “TAKE”.

I hope this is helpful Sirs and Mas?
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries

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