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The leading of the Spirit is always consistent with the character of God. The Holy Spirit cannot tell you something that contradicts the nature and character of God, because They’re One – 1 John.5:7.

When it comes to divine leading in the choice of your marriage partner, there’s no big deal about it. There’s no complexity around it.

More often, the Holy Spirit leads you in that area just like He has always been doing in your daily Christian life, except He decides to do otherwise based on His eternal discretion.

Really, God’s children shouldn’t be confused on this aspect of their lives; we have the Word and the Spirit as our ultimate Guide.
A simple acid test here; anytime you receive a “supposed leading” that is not in sync with the nature and character of God, then you forget about it.

For instance, as a brother, the Holy Spirit will not lead you through sexual urge; He leads you primarily by the inward witness – Rm.8:16.
He doesn’t lead you through “ERECTIONS” but through “REVELATIONS” in the inward man.

Sexual arousal is not a pointer to the will of God for you in marriage; people just need to get their minds renewed with God’s Word and get their bodies subjected to the leadership of the spirit man – Rm.12:2, 1 Cor. 9:27.

If somebody saw a vision, and in that vision he saw himself with a lady in an obscene situation, then he heard a voice, “Behold, that is your wife”, now that vision is questionable because it’s against the nature and character of God.

God is holy and the Holy Spirit is also called the Spirit of holiness – 1 Pet.1:16:, Rm.1:4. So He doesn’t give such visions – they’re called vain visions and flattering divinations – Ezek.12:24.

Often people have such experiences as a result of the dirty things they fill their minds with during the day, and the Bible clearly establishes that a dream/”vision” can be a fallout of daily activities.

For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.
It’s crystal clear therefore that the more you pray in tongues and meditate on the Word on a daily basis, the more sanctified your dreams and visions become.
Also, the leading of God does not put you under pressure. God guides you and then He gives you the latitude to make your decision.

The leading of God will not take away the free moral agency of man because that will not be in line with God’s nature and character.

God does not force or impose His will on people; He reveals His will to you by the Spirit and leaves you with the decision making.

This singular revelation of God’s character runs through like a thread throughout Scriptures.
Therefore anyone who tells you that, “God said that you’re my marriage partner, and if you don’t marry me, you will not fulfil destiny” is kidding.

God doesn’t inspire anyone to use such language. That manner of speech is laced with arrogance and ignorance.
No leading should put you in bondage. Why will a strange prophet matchmake a person with you and both of you don’t really “like” each other from Adam and you also lose your inner peace over the matter?

Check it out dear Brother or Sister; that’s a red flag!!! We should stop playing God in matters of relationship. Nobody can hold God to ransom!

The purpose of God is greater than any human being. The purpose of God is constant; human beings are variables.
Three critical things to take note of with respect to relationship matters as we close:

(1) How God leads: It’s always in line with the principles of the Word. If you hear God clearly on matters that have to do with your daily life, then knowing the mind of God concerning marital choice is the easiest thing.
(2) How You Go About God’s Leading: For Brothers, don’t put any sister under pressure or duress, and don’t impose your conviction on any sister. For the sister, don’t ever manipulate your way into the emotions of any brother; act in line with Biblical ethics and let God perfect His work.
(3) How You Run Your Courtship: It should be in line with the revelation of God’s Word as you both start preparing yourselves for God’s purpose for you and for a happy home. Let your courtship be answerable and accountable to the God-ordained spiritual authority in your life.

On a final note, any leading that you have should be accompanied with THE PEACE OF GOD in your heart. God’s leading is PEACEFUL!

PSALM 85:8
I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for HE WILL SPEAK PEACE UNTO HIS PEOPLE, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.
Following these steps as espoused in this short piece, you’re on your way to having a glorious marriage, that will be a showpiece of Heaven on earth.

Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries

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  1. Wow! Am really blessed sir….tanx for this nd God bless. This will definitely be added to my favourite sites for life filled messages.

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