Knowing God’s Will In Marriage


Marriage is not about marrying a Godly person, but it’s about first becoming the right person and then marrying the right person, because it takes a right person with the right person to produce the right results – Adeshina Olùwàfimihan Adebola


Here is the best answer to any questions bothering our heart about God’s will in Marriage..

When God give out a plan for you, it’s best for you to follow it and forget your own plan for your life.. Because He’s not just God, He knows better than you and He has seen into your future and know everything about it.. In fact, Your future is His past..

Do you want to bring yourself out of the dangerous list of those husband killing their wife & Do you want to save your life from those wives killing their husband.

If Yes, Then follow God’s will, Purpose and plan for your life.

That handsome fellow you are disturbed over now and choose to follow and neglect God’s will could actually be your grave digger in years to come..

Be wise

The thing here is not about just having a good marriage..

Do you know, There are unbelievers that have good Marriage….?

So It’s about fulfilling the requirements of God’s will, Purpose and plans in your Marriage and not just getting married for the fun of marriage.

God is not just interested in good marriage…

He is so much interested in Marriages that would fulfil His Purpose

Marriage is not just about marrying a Godly person/a good person

“it’s about marrying the right person, because it takes a right thing with a right thing to produce the right results”

A Good person might not be the Right person, but the Right one would always be a Good person

So follow God’s will when it comes to the matter of life most especially when it’s about Marriage matters.

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