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Don’t be moved by those people who are counting numbers of years in relationship. I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong to count years of being in relationships with each other. It’s certainly good.

But while it’s good to count, It’s amazing when those counting amount to positive and productive results. Achievements is not in Figures, Achievements is in results

Please know before it’s too late that the successful of a relationship is not about the records of years you have both spent with each other or the unbeaten records of being together. It’s about the growth both of you have attained in Christ, and the growth of you both toward the fulfillment of purpose with each other.

The sweetness of counting years in relationships is when those numbers of years really worth counting with impacts that has blessed other people’s life outside your personal relationship with each other.

If both of you are not growing in Christ and not growing intimately with each other in becoming friends the more, You’re only counting figures and the years you have spent with each other is just a total waste of life, waste of time, waste of resources, waste of brain.
Be Wise, Make your counting Matches Great results, Productive Life!!!

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